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About Us

This site has been created in order to help Mumbaikars to get appropriate database where anyone can get the information of their essential goods and services such as Milk, Groceries, Vegetables & Fruits and Medical help.

As you know there is a lockdown because of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. We/People are not able get their essential goods and services. So we have created this website to help you/us to find our daily needs and medical help.

The purpose of creating this website is to provide an authentic and relevant content in a simple manner.

If you want to help us/them you have to fill the Forms we have created so that we can collect your information.

Forms Contains: Grocery & Staples , Personal care, Baby Care, Household Items, Home Repairing, Food, Cooked Meals, Yoga & Spirituals, Skills & Hobbies, Consult Doctors, Pharmacy.

 Fill this Form if you want to give your information or details. (Click Here)

We Together Can fight Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Take Care, Stay Safe!



Contact Us

university of Mumbai, Vidya Nagri, kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra,400098.

022 26543000
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